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Hello I’m Kahlil Calavas

I have been on a life-long journey of discovery, service and creative collaboration.  In this journey I have discovered that we are not nationalist on a business journey rather empowered world citizens on a quest to find out where our stories overlap and how we can make a better life on earth. No matter where I have traveled and to whom I have spoken with I found a similar narrative. People are loving, creative and want to share their gifts. I am not a prophet or a psychic but it is easy for me to see that technology is a gift and the biggest tool of empowerment ever bestowed upon the common man. We now have the tools to create paradise on earth. It is time to innovate, cocreate and re-evaluate. I am here to assist you with this process with these tech skills I have been so passionately developing  throughout my professional carreer.
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Latest Website Projects

Posada Natura

  • Designed the home page to reflect branding
  • Woocommerce
  • Events Plugin

St Francis University

  • Redesign of Homepage
  • Adaptive design with bootstrap
  • WordPress child theme development

Five Journeys

  • Woocommerce Membership
  • Woocomerce Autoship
  • Woocommerce POS
  • White Label WordPress

Recent Freelance Projects

All Of My Client Profiles


I have explored and tested thousands of techniques that will grab the users attention so the story can come through. The fact of the matter is; you may have a great story but if no one reads it why bother sharing. Through using paid marketing statistics and my own analytics I have learned what type of media works and how to present it for different occasions. I am a huge fan of using cinemagraphs and text on video methods to make sure the videos are reaching our audience.

Some Testimonials

I have been blessed to collaborate with Kahlil on various projects over the last 10 years. His ability to bring a vision to life with his passion, creativity, technical skill and unique perspective set him apart from anyone I’ve ever worked with. He is truly an innovator and I look forward to many more decades of co-creating with him!

Jenna Marzullo

Kahlil’s broad experience in technology plus his human skills make him a rarity in a field where most are over technical. His maps, videos and web design have helped community carbon trees gain much needed attention. The trees are so very grateful for his work and I will always use his services for promotion and web solutions.

Jennifer Smith

My process to serving my clients


Meeting new people and getting excited about ideas is a huge passion of mine. This process also helps make sure there is a good fit. I also am a firm believer of giving first and most meetings end up becoming demonstrations that instantly give more exposure to the client. It usually ends up reinforcing everyone’s favorite saying “I scratch your back you scratch mine”


Once we have established a trust and the momentum necessary for our relationship to build, a job scope is formed in order to give us the structure for mutual benefit. Statistics consistently reveal that goals paired with a well thought out plan of execution increase the likely hood of victory!


Using video, 360 content, maps, web, mobile and social media together in a well thought out pattern can ensure our execution is in alignment with our goals. Every campaign will be unique and our process also allows us to readjust and course correct when necessary. Our campaign is a living, breathing and present minded journey that grow and move with the ever changing tides of the modern market.


I am constantly reading, learning and taking courses in order to stay familiar with the latest trends and techniques in the marketing industry. Many times I will create an ad with several different photos and use the results as a metric for a larger campaign. Testing is what gives me the data I need to customize the efforts to the needs of each scenario.


Once we have great content and helpful data we will help us execute a strategic course of action. This part of the campaign is a refinement process as we usually deliver in several phases and each phase is refined based on analytics.

I am looking for a strategic partnership in which my skills and experience can be monetized, utilized, and appreciated.

What an exciting time to be alive!

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